About Us

Al Anum Computers (since 1992) offers total solutions. The service platform features a whole range of IT products, services & solutions, including IT consultancy, Al Anum branded computers & customized PC’s/hardware products. Al Anum is also the authorized reseller of Intel, Microsoft, HP, Kingston, Seagate, ASUS, View Sonic. WD, Dell, Gigabyte, Lenovo.

Al-Anum Computers has number of years’ experience in providing IT Services & have a dedicated team of professionals committed to supporting & servicing the wide range of Intel based hardware like:
PCs, All in One (AIO) PCs, Laptops, Laptops Convert-ables, Tablets PCs, Customize hardware, Digital Signage Solutions, Extreme Gamming Solutions, associated hardware peripheral products & solutions offered.

Al Anum Computers, we're accelerating our clients' business transformations and their journey into the on demand world. Our objectives are straightforward: create new ways to optimize clients' business performance and unlock new levels of value for their organizations.
To transform a business to become a more responsive, resilient, focused enterprise, we bring fresh thinking and deep business insight, in combination with the world's most advanced technologies, all delivered by practitioners around the world. And more than that, we help our clients realize results at every step of a solution, from evaluation and strategy to business model design, process transformation and implementation, and every aspect of delivery over the course of multi-year engagements.